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Werewolf Costumes

For centuries, stories about men and women who turn into wolves whenever the moon is full have been a staple of horror. We’re told that this might be an allegory for humankind’s struggle to come to terms with its bestial nature. All we know is that when things have big, pointy teeth and claws, they’re generally scary – and werewolves certainly qualify on this basis alone.

Werewolves, like the people who transform into them, come in a variety of different shapes and sizes. On these pages you’ll therefore find a plethora of different varieties of werewolf costume – among them some recognisable characters from children’s fiction, like the Big Bad Wolf, resplendent in the clothing of a recently-eaten pensioner, (and yes, we recognise that the Big Bad Wolf is not technically a werewolf, but the more ordinary sort of talking wolf – stop sending us angry emails, lycanthropy pedants among you). We also have costumes from the world of film, like the delightfully eighties teen wolf costume.

Our werewolf costumes range from the playful to the menacing, from the hideous to the racy – whatever sort of werewolf costume you’re looking for, you’ll be able to find it among the costumes listed here.
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  1. American Werewolf In London Mask American Werewolf In London Mask New

    American Werewolf In London Mask

    £149.99 £199.99
  2. Werewolf Men's Costume Werewolf Men's Costume Sale

    Werewolf Men's Costume

    As low as £22.99 £29.99
  3. Werewolf Plush Half Mask

  4. Wolfman Shirt

    As low as £15.99
  5. Wolf Onesie Costume

    As low as £28.99
  6. Wolf Costume, Big Head

    £44.99 £49.99
  7. Wolf Costume Kit

    £12.99 £14.99
  8. Wolf Costume

    As low as £45.99
  9. Werewolf Costume

    As low as £43.99
  10. Werewolf Costume

    As low as £43.99 £49.99
  11. Teen Wolf Costume

    As low as £62.99 £69.99
  12. Budget Werewolf Costume