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Ghoulish Productions Masks

A collection of very scary horror masks as well as some comical latex masks. These masks are produced in South America and all hand painted so the quality is second to none.
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  1. Michael Myers Halloween 1978 Mask Michael Myers Halloween 1978 Mask New

    Michael Myers Halloween 1978 Mask

    £91.99 £95.99
  2. Halloween Latex Gas Mask Halloween Latex Gas Mask New

    Halloween Latex Gas Mask

    £29.99 £39.99
  3. Urban Smiley Pumpkin Face Mask Urban Smiley Pumpkin Face Mask New

    Urban Smiley Pumpkin Face Mask

    £19.99 £25.99
  4. Clowning Clown Latex Mask Clowning Clown Latex Mask New

    Clowning Clown Latex Mask

    £39.99 £45.99
  5. White Mouthless Plastic Mask White Mouthless Plastic Mask New

    White Mouthless Plastic Mask

    £5.99 £7.99
  6. White Clown Face Mask White Clown Face Mask New

    White Clown Face Mask

    £5.99 £7.99
  7. Black Mouthless Plastic Mask Black Mouthless Plastic Mask New

    Black Mouthless Plastic Mask

    £5.99 £7.99
  8. Halloween Painted Clown Mask Halloween Painted Clown Mask New

    Halloween Painted Clown Mask

    £7.99 £9.99
  9. White Plastic Face Mask White Plastic Face Mask New

    White Plastic Face Mask

    £5.99 £7.99
  10. Halloween Smiley Yellow Mask Halloween Smiley Yellow Mask New

    Halloween Smiley Yellow Mask

    £7.99 £9.99
  11. Halloween Pumpkin Mask Halloween Pumpkin Mask New

    Halloween Pumpkin Mask

    £7.99 £9.99
  12. Silver Mouthless Plastic Mask Silver Mouthless Plastic Mask New

    Silver Mouthless Plastic Mask

    £5.99 £7.99